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PPR continues to grow and develop its businesses through strong and highly-reputed brands.

Back in 1963, PPR was a building materials business under the leadership François Pinault. Later in the mid-1990s, PPR entered the retail sector become a recognized leader.

PPR marked a new stage in its development with the purchase of Gucci in 1999, and thereafter built a multi-brand Luxury Goods division. In 2007, PPR seized a new growth opportunity with the purchase of a controlling stake in Puma, a world leader in sport & lifestyle, further establishing PPR as a leader in global brands.


• François Pinault establishes the Pinault group, specialising in timber trading.

• Flotation on the Paris Stock Market’s Second Marché of Pinault SA, a company specialising in timber trading, distribution and processing.

• Acquisition of CFAO, specialising in electrical equipment distribution (through CDME, which became Rexel in 1993) and in trading with Africa.

• the acquisition of Conforama, the Group enters the Retail activity.

• The Pinault-Printemps Group is born with the takeover of Au Printemps SA, which held 54% of La Redoute and Finaref.

• Merger of La Redoute with the Group, which is renamed Pinault-Printemps-Redoute.
• Takeover of Fnac.

• Launch of the Group’s fi rst website, laredoute.fr.

• Acquisition by CFAO of SCOA, the leading pharmaceutical distributor in West Africa through its subsidiary Eurapharma.
• Creation of Orcanta, a women’s lingerie chain.
• Launch of fnac.com, the Fnac website.

• Takeover by Redcats (PPR home shopping activity) of Ellos, the leader in the Scandinavian home shopping market.
• Creation of Fnac Junior, a store concept for children under 12.

• Takeover of Guilbert, the European leader in office supplies and furnishings.
• Acquisition by Redcats of 49.9% of Brylane, the fourth largest home shopping company in the United States.
• Creation of Made in Sport, a chain of stores dedicated to sports enthusiasts.

• Purchase of the remaining stake in Brylane.
• The Group enters the luxury goods sector with the acquisition of 42% of Gucci Group NV.
• First steps towards the creation of a multi-brand luxury goods group, with the acquisition by Gucci Group of Yves Saint Laurent, YSL Beauté and Sergio Rossi.

• Acquisition of Surcouf, a specialised PC retailer.
• Acquisition by Gucci Group of Boucheron.
• Launch of Citadium, the new Printemps sports store.

• Gucci Group acquires Bottega Veneta and Balenciaga and signs partnership agreements with Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen.
• Conforama enters the Italian market with the purchase of the Emmetza group, one of the leaders in the home furnishings market in Italy.
• Pinault-Printemps-Redoute raises its stake in Gucci Group to 53.2%.

• The Group raises its stake in Gucci Group to 54.4%.
• Sale of Guilbert home shopping activity to Staples Inc.
• Sale of part of the Credit and Financial Services activity in France and Scandinavia to Crédit Agricole SA (61% of Finaref) and to BNP Paribas (90% of Facet).

• The Group raises its stake in Gucci Group to 67.6%.
• Sale of Pinault Bois & Matériaux to the Wolesley group in the UK.
• Sale of the Guilbert “contract” activity to the American group Offi ce Depot.
• Further sale of 14.5% of Finaref.

• The Group raises its stake in Gucci Group to 99.4% following a tender offer.
• Sale of Rexel.
• Sales of the 24.5% residual stake in Finaref.

• Change in the corporate name: Pinault-Printemps- Redoute becomes PPR.
• Sale of MobilePlanet.
• Sale of the 10% residual stake in Facet.

• Sale of 51% of France Printemps to RREEF and the Borletti group.
• Sale of Orcanta to the Chantelle group.
• Sale of the Bernay industrial site (YSL Beauté Recherche et Industrie).
• Cessation of Fnac Service activities.
• Conforama acquires majority control of Sodice Expansion.
• Redcats Group acquires The Sportsman’s Guide, Inc.

• Sale of the 49% residual stake in France Printemps to RREEF and the Borletti Group.
• Sale of Kadéos to the Accor Group.
• Acquisition of a 27.1% controlling stake in Puma, followed by an increase in this stake to 62.1% on completion of a tender offer.
• Acquisition by Redcats USA of United Retail Group.

• Sale of YSL Beauté to L’Oréal.
• Sale of Conforama Poland.
• Sale by Redcats UK of Empire Stores.
• Sale by Redcats USA of the Missy division.
• Purchase of a 23% stake in Girard Perregaux.

• Acquisition by Puma of Dobotex International BV.
• Acquisition by Puma of Brandon AB.
• Sale of Bédat & Co.
• Sale of Surcouf.
• Flotation of 58% of Cfao.

• Acquisition of a 20% stake by Puma in Wilderness Holdings Limited .
• Acquisition by Puma of Cobra.
• Sale of Fnac éveil & jeux.
• Sale of the controlling stake in Conforama.

• Announced acquisition of Brioni (November 2011).
• Acquisition of Volcom Inc. (Volcom and Electric brands)
• Stake in Sowind Group (Girard-Perregaux and JeanRichard brands) - raised to 50.1 % (controlling stake)

• Creation of a joint venture with Yoox S.p.A. dedicated to e-commerce for several brands of the Luxury Division (August 2012).
• Announced project to demerge and list Fnac (October 2012).
• Sale of Redcats USA business (The Sportsman’s Guide and The Golf Warehouse in November 2012, announced sale of OneStopPlus in December 2012).
• Announced acquisition of a majority stake in Chinese fine jewellery brand Qeelin ( December 2012).

• Acquisition of 51% of the luxury UK designer brand Christopher Kane. 
• March 2013 announcement : PPR will become Kering subject to the approval at the Annual General Meeting on 18 June 2013



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